Mindfulness & Self-Care

Whatever your profession or walk of life, mindfulness practice can help you develop greater self-awareness and improve your self-care. Mindful awareness is the precondition for improved self-care because you cannot change unconscious habits.

Mindfulness is the process and practice of cultivating non-reactive awareness. When you develop the capacity to non-reactively observe your internal states, you are able to interrupt habitual, automatic reactions. As you develop the capacity to observe your experience, you open a space where you can choose your actions based on what you value rather than on how you feel. Without this capacity to choose, individuals get stuck in a negative cycles governed by lower brain emotions, short-sighted behaviors, and undesirable life outcomes. Therefore, if you want to live and perform at your best, it is essential to develop a deeper awareness of yourself, disrupt unconscious behaviors, and improve your responses to constantly changing internal and external conditions. Mindfulness and self-care are vehicles to the end of greater freedom, well-being, and performance.